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Teacher's day Press Realese

Today is November 24th. teacher's day in Turkey.
On this occasion, our press release is on teachers' day.
We congratulate all our teachers on teachers' day.

Our Press Release:
We are dismissed from our duties and working in private schools with the Decree Law (Decree Law) enacted during the State of Emergency (OHÂL).
We are teachers whose rights have been taken away and left to civilian death.

The Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, by publishing the names of tens of thousands of people in the Official Gazette
We are victim teachers, whom he says "it was terrible to terminate their jobs."

T.C. According to Article 15 of the Constitution, the right to benefit from the presumption of innocence cannot be suspended even in the state of emergency; Individuals or groups cannot be declared guilty or convicted through legal regulations or decrees. However, we teachers were declared guilty in violation of the Constitution and our teaching rights were taken away from us.

Also in the annexes to Decree submitted to the European Council by the Government of Turkey, an international institution teachers 'terrorist organization members as' notified; violation of our rights like presumption of innocence
our honor and reputation has been trampled upon.

In Turkey, July 21, 2016 Date of the country in the declared A State of Emergency (State of Emergency) period of Ministers, prepared by the Board and have been exported directly to teachers from interests in 11 different Decree with 34 063 teachers of public officials, 25 thousand teachers of the school have been canceled teaching licenses by closing virtually .

The dismissal of more than 60 thousand teachers and 6 thousand academicians, who had nothing to do with the coup attempt, without being allowed to use even the minimum rights such as the "right to defense" and not being given the opportunity to teach again, has nothing to do with the incidents that made the state of emergency.

The dismissal of teachers and preventing them from doing their profession even in private schools has been cited as justification for their past legal activities. These reasons and the decisions that constitute an open intervention to their private lives constitute a clear violation of the principles of universal and international law.

After the state of emergency declared on 21.7.2016, tens of thousands of teachers were dismissed from public service, based on the blackouts understood to have been made before.

Although it was prohibited by the Constitution, teachers were dismissed from public service based on labeling called "social environmental knowledge" and they should practice their profession for life.
is prohibited.

It is an unlawful interference in their professional and professional life by accusing and dismissing teachers from public service in violation of the presumption of innocence without giving any defense rights. The termination of the professional and professional life of teachers in a way that will cause all diplomas and certificates to be invalid is an open interference with the right to respect for private life.

Although it has been over 4 years since the announcement of the state of emergency and more than 2 years since the abolition of the state of emergency, the prevention of teachers who were dismissed from public service and whose licenses were canceled during the state of emergency, from teaching in private schools continues today.

The violation of our most basic rights such as the right to benefit from the presumption of innocence was caused by the Decree Laws, which took away our teaching rights.
In order to eliminate all the violations we experience as teachers, first of all, the legal existence of the OHÂL Decree Laws should be ended.

Our request; Termination of legal existence with all consequences of the emergency decree laws, which prevented dismissals and even working in the private sector by ignoring universal legal principles at a level that would cause civil death,
It is the necessary initiatives before the government in order to abolish the legal and de facto prohibitions that prevent even working.

Respectfully announced to the public