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Dear Teacher's Friends, Victim of Decree Law,

On the occasion of October 5th, World Teachers' Day, we will have a series of activities to announce the grievances of M. E. B. teachers. We expect each of our fellow teachers to participate and support these activities.

Additional offer, we welcome your advice.

33,716 teachers (corresponding to 27% of the total dismissals) working in the Ministry of National Education were dismissed through decrees. These teachers are not employed even in private schools, private teaching institutions and institutions due to the special regulations in the Statutory Decrees and the Ministry of National Education circular, unfortunately.


The activities we will do,

*** On the evening of October 5, there will be a label study in Turkish and English on social media.

*** With the initiation of Mr. Gergerlioğlu, a large-scale petition will be launched.

*** Putting viral videos where teachers explain their grievances ...

*** Our teachers who have gone abroad to give interviews to the local press in their countries ......

*** Our teachers who have gone abroad should visit and inform the relevant NGOs and unions in their countries ......

*** Sending letters to the UN relevant Rapporteur (Special Reporter on the right to Education, Dr. Koumbou Boly Barry sreducation@ohchr.org) with special victimization stories .....


*** Likewise, sending letters to the Steering Committee for Education Policy and Practice CDPPE.


*** A petition will be sent to these two institutions where as many as possible, under the real names of our teachers, explaining the general grievances 

*** The report prepared as Victim Educators Platform will be sent to the relevant authorities in the UN, European Union Council and teacher-based NGOs in Europe, trade unions ....

*** A Field event will be organized as Victim Educators Platform in Strasbourg in front of the Council of the European Union-ECHR on Monday, October 5 


It is certain that we should act with the thought that our work on this issue should not be limited to just one day.

which is a great loss for Turkey, the accumulation of years, more efforts for the return of experienced teachers and we offer our respect the rights of our friends thought we have to work with.

Victim Educators Platform