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While Erdoğan’s one-man regime was being strengthened by the state-of-emergency regime declared on 20th July 2020 and the decree-laws that were passed one after another, the biggest blow was dealt to EDUCATION. The AKP government targeted everyone, especially the educated parts of the society under the name of “confronting the coup plotters”

In the report prepared by Eğitim-Sen, it was stated that 36 % of the people who were removed from their public duties were educators and that the number of them is greater than the number of police and military officers.

As a result of all these unlawful practices:

  1. The presumption of innocence of all the teachers who were removed from their duties with decree-laws are violated
  2. Their right to defense was violated while they were being removed from duty
  3. They are not allowed to work in different institutions
  4. Their passports were cancelled and they were refused to grant new ones.
  5. They didn’t only get removed from their duties, but they lost all their personal benefits
  6. The teachers who were removed from their duties and their relatives are subject to hate speech by government officials.
  7. They cannot initiate actions of restitution as they lost their jobs by decree-laws
  8. Their right to unionize was violated
  9. Their court cases are being intervened
  10. Their political rights to elect and be elected are also being violated.

None of the justifications for removal from duty indicated in decree-laws and the following procedures are valid and lawful for the teachers.

We will continue our struggle to resolve this unlawfulness that they are subjected to and we will continue this struggle for the already-disregarded human dignity.

If we are silent now, our turns will be the next.