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The ECHR ruled that the applicants' union rights were violated upon the application made by a group of unionists from Adana. Unionists were awarded compensation.

European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), because they participate in Adana action and strikes relating to the application of trade unionists sentenced to administrative fines Turkey has decided to pay compensation to the state.

 As a result of various detentions and investigations in Adana between 2009 and 2012, unionists were tried and sentenced to various fines. Examples of the reason for these decisions were the trial of the organizing committee due to the shirt worn by a single person at a rally that ended without incident. Among the trade unionists who were fined, the Education Sen Branch President Güven Boğa, branch managers Mehmet Akarsubaşı, Ahmet Karagöz, Yalçın Alçiçek and Abdullah Yalçın carried the fines imposed on the ECHR.

 The Court taken to penalties governorates by 12 to 14 October 2011. KESK, DISK, electricty and launched on TTB's action decision investigation and January 9 from Adana Police Department on this issue in the 2012 criminal article, KESK and Turkey on May 26, 2010 Public Sen '' There is a strike in this workplace '' banner hung at İsmet İnönü Primary School within the framework of the one-day strike decision, after the banner of “There is a strike in this workplace” was given to Karşıyaka Industrial Vocational High School within the framework of the strike of 21 December 2011. The second repetition of the action 'was due to be fined 500 liras this time.

 The ECHR announced on June 3, 2020 that these penalties were a violation of rights. The fines imposed on the decision to strike was ordered to pay compensation to the plaintiff signs of unfair state bulunarak Turkey. With the recent decision of the ECHR in Adana related to such reasons given fines Turkey has taken third conviction.