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Warning letter from United Nations to Albania

The United Nations has warned the Albanian Government to Selami Simsek's extradition to Turkey.

The United Nations Human Rights Council, the Albanian Government Services Movement volunteers sent back to Turkey illegally on the "Emergency" sent a letter to the code.

In a letter to the UN in Albania, the person alleged to be linked to the Service if extradited to Turkey, he said the Selami Şimşek may be exposed to a variety of lawlessness.

In the newly published Urgent Action document, the United Nations Forced or Involuntary Disappearance Working Group, Arbitrary Detention Working Group, the Special Rapporteur of the Human Rights of Immigrants, the Special Rapporteur to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms while combating terrorism, or Torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or Special Rapporteur on penalties, Harun Celik force on 1 January 2020 as a short-term attracts the attention of the Albanian Government about the serious allegations concerning the loss of sent and Turkey. At the same time Service movement due to the link with Albania from being detained for deportation to Turkey and torture or other cruel, if Selami Şimşek  sent back to Turkey, he said they are worried about a vision inhuman or degrading treatment.

Given the urgency of the matter, the above Special Procedures, acting within the relevant powers conferred by the United Nations Human Rights Council, asked the Albanian Government for detailed information on:

1. All kinds of information and explanations about the government's above claims.

2. The precautions taken to ensure that Selami Şimşek is at the right place and is able to access his health status and legal representation quickly and regularly.

3. Current status of Selami Şimşek's application for political asylum and international protection.

4. Harun Celik real and legal basis of the factors deportation to Turkey. With the international human rights obligations under this Convention (the expulsion of Steel), Albania's approved Conventions

(Statement Against Torture, Refugee contract, Mandatory Losses Contract) clear explanations about how compatible it is.

5. Service / Smiley-karts to join or sympathy for the movement of persons indicted for asylum in Albania invoked to justify the factual and legal basis for deportation to Turkey (national security or other measures).

6. Detailed information on the extent to which comprehensive individual risk assessments have been carried out by the relevant Albanian authorities, both in terms of procedural safeguards and analysis of the country of return, to ensure that individuals are not exposed to violations of their fundamental rights.

7. Albanian Government by the freedom of the person that requested his extradition from the government of Turkey, personal safety, accuracy, and will not be exposed to violations of integrity rights, and any written guarantees desirability of about a fair trial if any criminal offenses? Is there any evidence that such assurances are sought and received?

8. Current measures and measures taken in Albania in a similar situation in Albania, especially to prevent the deportation or forced extradition of persons who have applied for asylum or who seek asylum, because freedom, personal security, integrity and life are at risk.

9. Measures taken by Albanian authorities to ensure that individuals are entitled to an effective remedy against human rights violations such as arbitrary detention, forced disappearance, illegal deportation, torture and ill-treatment.

While waiting for an immediate response to the current Emergency Communication, Special Procedure officials are urging Albanian officials to immediately stop and review their expulsion orders against Selami Simsek and all other Turkish citizens residing in Albania. To this end, Special Procedures urge officials to respectfully conduct comprehensive individual assessments of the risks that these individuals may face regarding their rights under international human rights law.

The United Nations current emergency contact by the human rights system, January 9, 2020 dated United Nations Human Rights Committee by the Albanian Government requested that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, implemented following a temporary decision after the case of the Convention are invested by the Committee, Selami Simsek of Turkey asked to avoid being sent. Albanian authorities are also asked to take all necessary measures to get in touch with Şimşek's lawyer and family members, and to take asylum applications, register them and send them to the competent authorities for evaluation.

Albanian Government, since 9-10 March 2020 serious human rights violations such as the loss did not respond yet.